New LP, Upcoming Shows, Looking for New Bassist

Here’s the latest update from us.  We’re currently in the process of writing/recording demos for our first full-length.  At the moment it should be about 12 new songs or so and the actual release should be out sometime in early 2013.  We’re going to release a few demos for folks to check out prior to that, so stay tuned.

We have two upcoming shows Dec. 22nd at ABC NO Rio in NYC with Born In A Cent, Capacities, and We Are Skeletons (; and then Feb. 2nd in Easton, PA at Mother’s Bar & Grille with Yuppicide, Dead Serious, Bad American, Orphan Donor, and Twin 55 (  Check these event pages on Facebook for all the details.

Finally we are in the search for a new bass player.  Unfortunately, our creative and talented bassist Ari has realized his work schedule has become too demanding to continue on as a member of Zombie Fight. So the ABC and the Easton shows might be your last time to see him in one of his awesome sweaters or Corona wifebeater.  He’ll continue with us as much as he can until we find a replacement.   If you or someone you know might have any interest please contact us at  We’ll give full details to those interested when they contact us.

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